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At Whitefox Styling, we’re not just a salon; we’re creators of high-quality results. Founded on a bedrock of professional education, tireless effort, and a team fueled by passion, our mission is simple: making you look, feel, and live life confidently as your best self.
Your hair isn’t just hair; it’s an expression of you. We believe you deserve to feel not just confident but downright head-over-heels in love with your hair. Welcome to Whitefox Styling—where excellence meets every strand.

Our Mission

you deserve to feel confident

From the moment you enter our space, we want you to feel welcomed and at home. Here at Whitefox Styling, we believe in kindness, honesty & care towards you and your hair. We strive to help you look and feel your absolute best. We believe in the art of listening with in depth consultations to achieve the look you are going for and to assist you in finding the best hair care routine for YOU!

fall absolutely in love with your hair

Our Team

welcome to our wf family!

At WHITEFOX, we’re not just a team; we’re a family of diverse, licensed, and downright fantastic women who are ready to take your hair care experience to the next level. Picture your favorite group of friends, add a dash of expertise, and you’ve got us!

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Emory Lowe

Co-Stylist + Guest Happiness Team

Meet Emory, our confident and independent co-stylist who exudes a punky vibe and loves her cats and plants.

She detests being falsely accused, dealing with hypocrites, and unreliable individuals.

Emory’s mornings start two hours early, with a podcast playing while she gets ready and enjoys a hot tea before heading out. She has a passion for various design forms, especially interior design and sewing, and cherishes her role as a plant mom.

When not at work, Emory finds joy being home with her cats, envisioning herself as a famous pop star. Her drink of choice is a Dressed Dos or an Amaretto Sour, and she finds solace in her sleep.

Emory aspires to be remembered for her authenticity and dreams of becoming a junior stylist by 2025. She possesses excellent people skills, a creative mind, and a constant willingness to learn, embodying qualities like goofiness, fairness, and friendliness.

In her spare time, Emory enjoys planning her days, sipping tea, and spending time with her cats and Drew. She finds peace in cleaning her space, drinking coffee, and going shopping. Her philosophy in life is to “open your mind before your mouth,” reflecting her open-minded and punky nature.

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Gina Rodriguez

Junior Stylist + Co-Stylist

Meet Gina, our dynamic team member with a heart for others and a true blowout QUEEN!

With a vibrant and confident personality, Gina draws inspiration from her mom’s work ethic and genuineness. She values respect, manners, and positivity, and enjoys a daily routine of gym, breakfast, music, thrifting, skincare, and maintaining a clean space.

Gina’s intuitive talents guide her through life, and she dreams of exploring Greece and Spain to embrace different cultures. On Sundays, she serves at Plaza or church, and enjoys a half sweet coconut tea, half blueberry green at Texas Tea for happy hour.

Her goal is to be remembered as a giving, smart, and confident individual. Gina’s daily habits include working out, listening to music, and self-care rituals. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing with friends or heading to Cinergy for fun. Guided by the motto “Todo pasa por algo” (Everything happens for a reason), Gina faces life’s challenges with a positive outlook. 

We love our resilient & sweet GG!

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Stephanie Freeman

Junior Stylist + Blonding

Meet Stephanie, a talented stylist we have grown to adore and a major asset to our team!

Her day starts early, caring for her son, Carter and listening to podcasts on her way to work. Stephanie surprises many with her flexibility, singing, and culinary skills.

If she weren’t working to achieve her dreams as an amazing hair artist, she would choose to be a fashion designer in New York.

Stephanie values kindness, generosity, and strength, creating a positive work environment. Her motto is “Expect the Unexpected,” reflecting her openness to new experiences. She enjoys spending time with Carter, baking, and socializing with friends.

Stephanie’s goal is to build a strong reputation and advance her career with positivity.

On her bucket list, she hopes to skydive one day! 

She strives daily to leave a legacy of kindness. She cherishes Sunday mornings making breakfast with Troy and values habits like waking up early and making coffee to get her day started on the right foot.

Stephanie’s sensitivity, aspiration, and caring nature make her a valuable team member. Her dedication, love for family, and readiness for the unexpected make her truly remarkable.

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Lauren Tice

Chief of Operations

Meet Lauren Tice: Chief of Operations and Operational Maestro

Known affectionately as Tice, Lauren Tice is the dynamic force driving the operational excellence at WHITEFOX. Hailing from the heart of Amarillo, Texas, Tice joined our family in 2021 and quickly became an indispensable part of our leadership team.

Contrary to popular belief, Tice’s expertise doesn’t lie in hair school, but rather in the intricate dance of managing operations seamlessly. While Jess may be the heartbeat and visionary behind WHITEFOX, Tice is the veins, ensuring every element operates harmoniously as one cohesive system. We cherish her invaluable contribution to the salon’s rhythm and success.

Tice graduated from West Texas A&M University in December 2022 with a degree in Strategic Communications. Her academic journey is a testament to her dedication and strategic mindset, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond her role as Chief of Operations, Tice’s eclectic taste in music adds a vibrant note to the salon’s atmosphere. From the unmatched love for One Direction to being a sucker for 90’s alternative rock, her playlist mirrors the diverse energy that WHITEFOX embodies.

When Tice isn’t meticulously ensuring the salon’s operational excellence, she finds solace in relaxing and spending quality time with her loved ones. Her commitment to both her professional and personal life reflects a harmonious balance that enriches the fabric of our salon culture.

Lauren Tice, our Chief of Operations and Operational Maestro, brings not just efficiency but a unique flair to WHITEFOX. Her journey with us is a testament to her dedication, strategic acumen, and vibrant personality that enriches the essence of our salon.

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Lupita Ortiz

Creative Color, Dimensional Color + Extensions

Meet Lupita Ortiz: Your Creative Color Specialist

Diving headfirst into the beauty industry in 2015, Lupita Ortiz has been on a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, never glancing back. With a heart as vast as her talent, Lupita is driven by a profound passion—empowering and boosting the confidence of every individual through the transformative magic of their hair.

Creative Color Extraordinaire:

Lupita’s forte lies in the realm of creative color. Whether you envision a vibrant rainbow or subtle pastels, Lupita is your go-to artist for turning hair dreams into vibrant realities. But here’s the kicker—she doesn’t just focus on the wow factor; she’s all about achieving your goals in the healthiest way possible. Your hair isn’t just a canvas; it’s a testament to Lupita’s commitment to both beauty and well-being.

Beyond the Salon:

Outside the salon, Lupita’s world revolves around her rockstar team—her husband and four adventurous kiddos. Whether they’re embarking on a family vacation or chasing after the thrill of new adventures, Lupita embraces life with enthusiasm, love and a positive mindset.

Wellness Warrior:

As if that weren’t enough, Lupita has recently embarked on quite a journey—transforming into the healthiest version of herself. More energy, increased stamina, and an all-encompassing commitment to a healthy lifestyle are the pillars of her latest venture.

In Lupita’s hands, your hair isn’t just a canvas; it’s a masterpiece waiting to unfold. So, if you’re craving a splash of creative color or seeking the perfect bridal enchantment, Lupita Ortiz is your guide to unlocking the vibrant, confident, and healthy you.

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Lauren Montgomery

Lived-in Color, Balayage + Extensions

Meet Lauren Montgomery: Your Dimensional + Lived-In Color Maven

Step into the world of dimensional color, balayage, and extensions, and you’ll meet the essence of our team – Lauren Montgomery, or as we lovingly call her, Lo.

Lauren’s roots trace back to Dalhart, TX. She moved to Amarillo for more opportunity and to raise her sweet and spunky little girl, Kendall. She navigates the delightful chaos of parenthood with a beautiful blend of love, laughter, and a touch of craziness!

Now, let’s dive into the fun quirks that make Lo, well, Lo. Picture this: a quirky obsession with fruit roll-ups and a love for those weird comedies that you secretly binge-watch. But one of her absolute favorite things? Gathering an arsenal of snacks for epic movie nights with her family – because who doesn’t love a good movie and munchies combo?

In Lauren’s world, there’s a strong connection with faith, and her favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, encapsulates her belief: “I can do all things through Christ.” This mantra guides her through life and infuses every aspect of her work.

Lo’s passion – hair. It’s not just a job for Lo; it’s an art, a meticulous process where every detail matters. Her mantra? “If it’s not perfect, it’s not right.” That’s the level of dedication she brings to her craft.

Here’s what makes Lauren’s approach special: she doesn’t just see hair; she sees your hair dreams. It’s not about what she wants; it’s about understanding what you, as her guest, envision for your hair goals. Lauren strives to turn those visions into reality, leaving you with a smile that reflects the magic of her work.

For Lauren, the joy of this line of work comes from that radiant smile on her guests’ faces as they leave the salon. It’s not just about hair; it’s about creating moments of beauty that linger long after you’ve left the chair.

So, if you’re dreaming of that perfect lived-in color, balayage, or extensions that seamlessly blend with your style, Lauren Montgomery is here to make those dreams come true. Come, experience the magic, and let Lo weave her artistry into your world.

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Emily Gillis

Salon Director, Cutting + Styling Specialist, Men's Hair Loss Solution Specialist

Meet Emily Gillis: Director of Positivity and Styling Brilliance

In the vibrant world of hairstyling, Emily Gillis is the radiant force in assisting Jess in leading our salon. With over a decade of experience as a stylist, Emily has discovered her true passion in the art of cutting and styling. Her infectious positivity, perpetual smile, and heartwarming demeanor create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

Emily’s expertise spans across a myriad of styles and ideas for every head of hair. Whether it’s a full hair cut, hair care plan or a custom blowout, she thrives on elevating the beauty of your hair to its absolute best. Yet, Emily’s commitment extends beyond the salon chair. She is dedicated to empowering her guests with the knowledge and skills to maintain amazing hair at home. Dispelling the notion of “I can’t do this at home,” Emily has made it her mission to share tricks, tips, and personalized tutorials, ensuring that each guest leaves not only looking fantastic but equipped with the tools to recreate the magic.

Education is at the core of Emily’s approach. Beyond styling, she passionately educates her guests on the best products tailored to their specific hair needs and issues. Understanding how to use these products and the reasons behind their necessity is a key aspect of Emily’s client-centered philosophy.

Emily’s expertise further extends to specialized areas. She is a dedicated specialist in men’s hair loss solutions, offering tailored advice and solutions for those facing unique challenges. Simultaneously, Emily excels in women’s cutting and styling solutions, bringing her artistic flair and technical precision to create personalized looks that complement individual lifestyles.

But what truly sets Emily apart is her ability to forge meaningful connections. Through her dedication to educating and assisting her guests, Emily establishes unique relationships built on trust and understanding. She doesn’t just see her guests as a head of hair; she sees them as friends. Beyond the salon discussions about hairstyles, Emily wants to know about your dog’s latest adventures, whether your last dinner was enjoyable, and actively participates in celebrating life’s moments with you. Every time you see Emily, it’s not just a styling session; it’s a genuine interest in how YOU are doing.

In the hands of Emily Gillis, you’re not just getting a stylist; you’re gaining a friend who is dedicated to making your hair look and feel its best, both in the salon and beyond.

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Rachael Climer

Blonding + Extensions

Meet Rachael: Maestro of Blonding and Extensions Expert

Rachael stands as our luminous beacon specializing in two distinct realms: Blonding and Extensions. Her journey in the realm of beauty began as a whisper and evolved into a resounding symphony of expertise.

She transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with her exceptional skills. From sun-kissed highlights to the bright vanilla  hues of platinum, Rachael’s artistic touch brings to life a spectrum of blonding masterpieces. Her keen eye for detail and nuanced understanding of tones ensures that every shade of blonde is a custom-crafted work of art. Rachael’s passion for blonding extends beyond a mere color application; it’s a transformative experience that enhances the individuality of each client.

Beyond the canvas of natural hair and blonding , Rachael’s expertise extends into the world of extensions. With a meticulous approach, she seamlessly integrates extensions to create volume, length, and texture that seamlessly blend with natural locks. Rachael doesn’t just add hair; she crafts extensions that are a seamless extension of one’s identity. Her mastery in the art of extensions is not merely an application; it’s a transformative journey that unfolds with each strand.

Crafting Radiant Transformations:

Rachael’s skill set is not confined to technical proficiency alone; it’s a combination of artistry, precision, and an intuitive understanding of her guests’ needs and goals. She crafts radiant transformations that go beyond the surface, resonating with the individuality of each person who sits in her chair.

As a Blonding Specialist and Extensions Expert, Rachael orchestrates a symphony of skills that harmonize with the ethos of WHITEFOX Styling. Her journey is marked by a commitment to continual growth, staying at the forefront of industry trends, and refining her craft to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Beyond the Salon:

When Rachael steps out of the salon, her creativity extends to a love for art, fashion, and the nuances of design. This eclectic mix influences not just her hairstyling but creates a unique signature that distinguishes her work.

Creating Beauty, One Strand at a Time:

In the hands of Rachael, each strand of hair becomes a canvas, awaiting the touch of her artistic brush. She doesn’t just create hairstyles; she sculpts moments of beauty that resonate with the essence of each individual.

Rachael, our Blonding Specialist and Extensions Maestro, invites you to experience a world where every strand tells a story, and each transformation is a testament to the artistry of hair.

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Owner, Leader + Educator

Meet Jess – Founder, Master Stylist, Extension Specialist, and Educator In the world of hair design.

Jess is more than a stylist – she’s a creative force on a mission to make every guest feel confident, stunning, and absolutely fabulous.

As the founder of Whitefox Styling, Jess has been passionately crafting amazing hair since 2011, bringing a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence to Amarillo. Jess has won numerous awards and has been lauded with praise from some of the highest in her industry.

She was an invited guest stylist to work behind the scenes backstage at New York Fashion Week. She has achieved her Licensed status for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. Over 15 other certifications for color techniques and ranked top 5 in the world in Overall Transformation Extensions and Color category at the BTC awards!

She has most recently achieved full certification in NSG men’s hair loss solutions and systems to expand the range of solutions her salon offers.

The Journey to Mastery: Jess’s journey to mastery has been a pursuit of knowledge and skill that spans the nation. Her commitment to education has led her to attend courses and earn multiple certifications, establishing herself as a Master Stylist, Extension Specialist, and Educator.

Drawing inspiration from the nation’s top educators, mentors, and salons, Jess is dedicated to bringing the very best to her guests and her stylists. Jess’s unwavering dedication to advanced education ensures that the team remains at the forefront of industry trends, offering clients a unique blend of skill, creativity, and cutting-edge techniques.

Jess’s passion for extension artistry has blossomed into a transformative experience for her guests. “The opportunity to create true confidence in someone and allow my guests to see themselves in a whole new light gives me chills. Every woman deserves to feel absolutely stunning and I am honored to have the opportunity to do that!” – Jess Dreams Unleashed: Crafting Whitefox Styling In the pivotal year of 2019, Jess undertook a courageous and transformative venture, breathing life into a dream and birthing Whitefox Styling into existence.

Far beyond the establishment of a salon, this marked the actualization of a visionary journey—an expression of Jess’s steadfast commitment to delivering a distinctive and unparalleled experience for every guest who walks through the doors.

Whitefox is more than a physical space; it’s the embodiment of a vision nurtured over years of dedication and passion. From the careful selection of the finest products to the creation of a welcoming ambiance, every detail is a manifestation of Jess’s commitment to providing an extraordinary and personalized experience.

A Sanctuary for Stylists to Thrive: Central to her vision is the belief that a salon is not just about guests; it’s about creating a space where stylists can flourish. Whitefox was conceived as a nurturing environment, a place where creative minds converge, and talent is cultivated.

It’s not merely a workplace; it’s a haven where stylists are encouraged to express their artistry, push boundaries, and continuously evolve. It goes beyond the ordinary notion of a salon. It’s an intentional space where stylists are not only valued for their skills but are provided with opportunities for growth and advancement.

Jess ensures that the salon is not just a place to work but a platform for stylists to thrive, fostering a community where each team member contributes to the collective success. The commitment to excellence that defines Whitefox Styling isn’t just about the outward appearance; it’s about creating an atmosphere where stylists take pride in their craft and where dreams are not just welcomed but actively encouraged – an ongoing narrative of passion, creativity, and shared success.

Curating the Dream Team: At the heart of Whitefox Styling is a carefully curated dream team of like-minded and ambitious stylists, each sharing Jess’s passion for the artistry of hair and commitment to unparalleled client care. This isn’t merely a workplace; it’s a collective of creative minds dedicated to elevating the salon experience to new heights.

This elevation extends directly into every client that becomes a part of the Whitefox family. They know it and can feel it from their very first experience. Whitefox is a sanctuary where guests are not just clients, but cherished individuals whose voices are heard, whose presence is valued, and whose comfort is paramount.

The atmosphere within these walls is carefully crafted to foster a sense of belonging, making every visit a personalized and uplifting experience. Monthly Rituals of Growth: Jess’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the styling chair. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the beauty industry, she has instituted a monthly ritual of advanced education for her team. This ensures that each stylist is not just proficient but continually expanding their skill set, staying ahead of trends, and offering the latest in cutting-edge techniques to the salon’s guests.

Beyond the Salon: Beyond her role at Whitefox, Jess is a creative soul who finds joy in fashion, interior design and art. When she’s not running her dream salon, she’s immersed in quality time with her adorable daughter, Charlie Jane or at the gym. Her household is completed by a dog, Ella and a mischievous little cat named Scotty Pippen.

Jess’s personal touch extends to her preferences – she loves comedies and an iced unsweet green tea. While not a big coffee drinker, her occasional shake-up indulgence is an iced caramel latte with added sweet cream foam.

Welcome to your new Luxury Hair experience: Inside Whitefox, the energy, positivity, and authenticity that Jess embodies permeate every corner. The WF gals welcome you to experience luxury hair in the salon, where every visit is not just another appointment but a journey to confidence, creativity, and stunning transformations.

We are more than committed to the health and integrity of each guest’s hair. Every WF gal goes the extra mile by providing top-of-the-line hair care products and sharing valuable styling tips with our guests. This commitment is a testament to the dedication of ensuring every guest leaves not only looking fabulous but with hair that radiates health and vitality.

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