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Lash Styling

We offer customized lashes unique to every eye shape. Every service will begin with a full detailed lash cleanse followed by single-separation precision application, using vegan friendly faux mink lashes. Each individual lash will be treated with Nanomist to shock cure your newly applied adhesive, and Climax bonder to decrease breakdown of adhesive from things like natural oils, makeup, and debris. To end the service, your lashes will be completely dried to diminish any residual vapor from the adhesive.

You’re free to relax with some AirPods, get comfy, and even nap as the service remains non-invasive and gentle. These lash extensions are offered to anyone and everyone who wants to enhance the natural beauty of their eyes, and provide confidence with every blink.

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Classic | Natural

$205 – 1.5 hour service

These single lashes made of high-quality faux mink will look like the best version of your own mascara’d lashes without the need for makeup.

Hybrid | Custom

$235 – 1.5 hour service

This hybrid set is a mix of 4D volume and single lashes that give a more full look that remains natural.

Max Volume

$255 – 1.5 hour service

Our second hybrid set is a mix of 10D volume and single lashes to provide a darker look with more depth, that is still weightless.

 Lash Maintenance Fills
$95 – 50 minute service

 Mini Maintenance Fills
$60 – 30 minute service

brittney whetstone about

Brittney Whetstone

Brittney is a 25 year old panhandle native that specializes in lash artistry. She is a complete sucker for 80’s hair bands and their power ballads. Her food pyramid consists of specialty sushi, wontons, and miso soup. (Is there even any other style of cuisine?) She has an unhealthy obsession with home decor and loves a good “sale” …especially if it means more greenery at home.

Britt enjoys hiking with her husband of 5 years, and two schnauzers Ellie & Abe; she had plenty of opportunity to do so when they lived in Hawaii working as organic coffee farmers. She’s an Aerialist (who didn’t run away with the circus), but often performs on the aerial silks locally. You’ll find her in yoga classes or paddleboarding on her day off. Her affinity for the show Planet Earth is unmatched; one day she WILL return to Hawaii to rescue sea turtles.

The reason she loves what she does is because she gets to empower other women and create a lash look for them that is not only absolutely beautiful but invokes confidence.

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